September 10, 2013

World X Games Los Angeles, CA 8-1-13

Los Angelas X GamesTop 10:1.  Taddy Blazusiac2.  Mike Brown3.  Cody Webb4.  Colton Haaker5.  Taylor Robert6.  David Knight7.  Cory Graffunder8.  Justin Soule’9.  Kyle Redmond10. Gary Sutherlin

World X Games Munich, Germany 6-27-13

This was an outdoor arena in Germany.  It started pouring several days before and flooded the track.  We were supposed to race on Saturday afternoon.  After sitting around the track all day the race was cancelled due to the rain and would be held on Sunday if the weather cooperated.  Sunday we woke up to more rain and sat around all day not knowing if we were going to race.  Finally the rain let up and we were ago.  I qualified 2nd in my heat and made the main event.  I literally hit a wall in the main.  I had nothing to give, no energy, no strength.  I have only had this happen a few times in my career and I was usually sick.  I did not adjust well to the time difference and only slept a few hours out of about 36 hours.  When I made it back to the United States I had the flu so bad and literally in bed for several days.  So I guess that explains it.  Top !0:1.  Taylor Robert2.  Alfred Gomez3.  Taddy Blazusiac4.  Graham Jarvis5.  Mike Brown6.  Kyle Redmond7.  Cory Graffunder8.  Johnny Walker9.  Gary Sutherlin10. Colton Haaker11. Max Gerston12. Justin Soule’13.  Mike Hartmann14. Bryan Roper15. Ricky Dietrich Dietrich                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .hthe time titime e ho give, nothine

Endurocross Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, CA 6-8-13

Sacramento Top 10:1.  Mike Brown2.  Taylor Robert3.  Cory Graffunder4.  Taddy Blazusiac5.  Colton Haaker6.  Kyle Rdmond7.  Gary Sutherlin8.  Justin Soule’9.  Max Gerston10. Eric Rhoten

Endurocross Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV 5-3-13

I love the Orleans Arena and I usually I have a pretty good race.  But…Top 10 Results1.  Mike Brown2.  Taddy Blazusiac3.  Colton Haaker4. Cody Webb5.  Geoff Aaron6.  Taylor Robert7.  Cory Graffunder8.  Kyle Redmond9.  Justin Soule’..10 Max Gerston

November 30, 2012

Endurocross Rnd 8, Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV 11/17/12

This was the final round of Endurocross and they had two main events. Each counted for individual points, purse etc. I finished 5th in the first main and 6th in the second. It had one of the toughest rock sections to date! I would hit my lines well and make it through with no problems. However, most laps it was littered with riders, not to mention the rocks were real slippery from all of the oil from cracked cases etc. It has been a tough year with the injury and just wanted to try and finish the year strong. Looking forward to 2013. Thank you all for your support for 2012!

Results Main 1

  1. Taddy Blazusiak
  2. Cody Webb
  3. Mike Brown
  4. Geoff Aaron
  5. Justin Soule’
  6. Colton Haakeri
  7. Cory Graffunder
  8. Kyle Redmond
  9. Max Gerston
  10. Jamie Lanza
  11. Kevin Rookstool
  12. Taylor Robert

Results Main 2

1. Taddy Blazusiak

2. Cody Webb

3. Kyle Redmond

4. Geoff Aaron

5. Mike Brown

6. Justin Soule’

7. Corey Graffunder

8. Taylor Robert

9. Max Gerston

10. Kevin Rookstool

11. Colton Haaker

12. Jamie Lanza